Surf, skate, yoga, african dancing, meet the pro riders, well being workshops, BBQ on the beach… a great schedule not to be missed !

SURF & SKATE : 2 days to learn to surf and skate, improve your skills and have fun.

You’ll get all the tips to progress in small groups, with qualified instructors. 1 surf session and 1 skate lesson per day to allow you to enjoy the most of it and to have a chance to improve your skills.
Billabong will provide all equipment (wetsuits, lycras, surfboards, skateboards, helmets...). Just bring your bikini, towel, sunscreen, a cap and some sneackers for skate (you won’t be allowed to skate in slaps !).

YOGA : a perfect warm up before surfing.

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline considered as “health gymnastics” to harmonise the body and the mind. Different forms have been developed over the years. ASHTANGA YOGA, the latest wave of yoga in the West, is recommended for people with energy to spare. Ideal for surfers, this method is punctuated by salutations to the sun (dynamic postural sequences).

It combines strength and suppleness, stability (exercising one’s bases), concentration and breathing to achieve physical and mental well-being. Ashtanga yoga helps you to recover more quickly so you can easily do several runs over the day; back pains vanish, paddling is smoother, the takeoff lighter and manoeuvres more balanced and extreme. This postural exercise can be undertaken by anyone. Many professional surfers do so every day. Ashtanga yoga is perfect training for the requirements of surfing. Suppleness, energy, force, stability, concentration and breathing. You will surf better and ride the waves with ease.

AFRICAN DANCING: Get lifted into another continent through african dance lessons.

Dance is a real comunication tool in the african culture. It’s a great way to gain self confidence and to express yourself, as well as perfect to move, unwind and release your emotions. Thus, it strengthen the whole body in working more efficiently. There's nothing better like an african dance lesson to get in the right mood before the Billabong Girls Days evening party!



Billabong supports a more environmentally and responsible world. Together, our combined actions can make a difference.

You can share your passion for the ocean thanks to the environmental workshop. You’ll get the chance to learn more about eco friendly products, ecology, how to respect our world...


How can I take good care of my skin, how to moisturise your hair after surfing, ask our specialists from Nivea Sun all that you’ve always wanted to know on beauty thanks to our well being workshop.
Don’t miss the massage workshop to learn the new relaxation techniques.
You can also take part into your first fashion show with the Summer 09 show made by the Billabong Girls for the Billabong Girls !


Whether you’re a graphic addict or you just start your first drawings…participate in the Billabong Girls Days graffiti workshop and express your artistic talents ! You’ll be able to learn more about this urban lifestyle art in chosing your graphics, colors and foundation to create your own style. This workshop will make discover an arty and girly world inspired by the surfing and the skating lifestyle. Don't miss it!


Learn to surf and mix with Keala KENNELLY at the Billabong Girls Days.

Keala is a long time WCT surfer, the first woman to ever tow-in at the infamous wave Teahupoo, and she continually raises the bar of women’s surfing. Keala decided last year to take leave from the world championship tour to pursue an acting role on HBO’s new surf drama « John From Cincinnati ». She has joined Billabong’s Adventure Division, chasing the biggest swells around the world. The combination of style and courage she brings to big wave surfing is unmatched. Kennelly plays a vital role in women’s surfing. Keala’s first passion is surfing, but she also likes all about creative food, fashion, interior decorating and music – she’s Dj at her spare time.


Get ready for fun in the sun at the Billabong Girls Days beach party ! Dress code : Fluro party !!

Enjoy Keala KENNELLY ‘s special DJ set, have fun at the tasty BBQ on the beach and chill out in front of the live music sunset...